What is Votre Valet ?

Votre Valet offers a personalized Dry Cleaning service for progressive employers willing to offer their personnel a convenient way to save time & money.

(at no cost to the company, and no disruption to staff or operations!)



How Simple Is Our Service ?

  1. Place the garments you want cleaned into your free personalized
    clothing bag (supplied with initial purchase).

  2. Complete the simple form, affix the appropriate amount of prepaid
    coupons, and place it into the pocket located inside your Votre Valet
    clothing bag.

  3. Drop the bag at one of our central collection points at your workplace.

  4. Pick up your cleaning from the same collection points 2/3 days later.



Is there A Guarantee ?

Votre Valet has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If at anytime you
are not completely satisfied with our service, Votre Valet will refund
100% of the value of any unused coupons.


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